After doing this “internet thing” for several years, here are some of my biggest takeaways.   Apply these to your business and you can streamline your journey.

1. No one cares about YOUR business.

But they do want to put their NOSE in your business.

Solution ⇒ People and Your Potential Customers want to “spy” on you and your lifestyle.

2. Getting Public Appeal is difficult and dangerous.

Solution ⇒ Niche appeal – Become a “celebrity” in your field.

3. You can have 2 types of customers databases

A lot of customers paying a little bit of $$ each.
A few customers paying a lot of money each.

The Value of your product has to Outweigh the Price. (Lesson learned from Jeff Combs)

4. There is a a lot to do in order to create a campaign

Solution ⇒ Do the parts you’re awesome at and team up to do the rest of it!

5. It’s difficult to sell customers who need more money.

Solution ⇒ Focus on finding clients who require MORE time, rather than MORE money.

6. So many mentors in so many roles.

Solution ⇒ Have various mentors with specific roles.
For example: Money, Business, Marketing, Content, Life.

7. Your business can sound boring.
Solution – Be a little crazy. It is more interesting. (Lesson learned from Les Brown)

8. People don’t want to be on your list just because.

“Please get on my email list” ← This doesn’t work.
Lead with value, and tell people what they will receive is what works.
Create a Value Proposition!

9. You’re not using your mind and skills correctly.

Or you’re letting Drama get in the way.
Solution ⇒

the-quality-of-your-success 12 Field Tested Online Business Lessons

10. People are not buying from you.

Solution ⇒ Create a bond with your potential customer.
Bonding Equals Buying.

11. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in the sauce. 

Be Your Own BOSS by following the B.O.S.S. System

Learn more about B.O.S.S. here.

12. Stage time equals Wealth time.

Solution: Get your business exposed to the masses through social media platforms.

What lessons have you learned in your business?
Leave one or more as a comment below!

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