Yes, you read this title correctly.

I decided to create this article after observing a lot of the things that my friend, clients, and business associates say and do in their business and personal lives.

Stage 0 – Giving way too many fucks.   

This is when you care too much about the outcome.   In fact you usually care soooo much that you actually end up hurting the outcome.   Imagine squeezing an egg so hard that it cracks in your hand;  this is Stage 0, you don’t want to be here. This sucks. Imagine the most worrisome control freak in your universe, they’re giving too many fucks.   Don’t know this person?  Then it’s you.

Stage 1 – Giving a fuck.

You care about the outcome, you leave the outcome up to chance, you pray about the outcome.    This is like putting an egg on the stove, taking a shower, and when you check on it, you’re hopping it turns out good.   Sadly, most people in society are presently here.  Their life will be like a roller coaster.  This is a person who cares more about what people think of them, rather than what they’ve personally accomplished.  While this is most people’s lives, it’s not recommended.

Stage 2 – Not Giving a fuck.the-less-you-give-a-fuck-282x300 The 4 Stages of Giving a Fuck

You do whatever you want. While at first this sounds good, it’s also counter-productive at times.   It’s the rebel, while this provides a more fun environment then Giving a Fuck, it also doesn’t always lead to the desire outcome.    The problem at this stage is that you actually do not give a fuck.  While this is an improvement from over-caring, it also lacks enough of a strategy to be effective.   Freedom is good, chugging a jug of vodka on a Tuesday afternoon usually is not.  Stage 2 people set goals, but take actions that do not match the goals.  No egg analogy here, because reasons.   <– and if you’re dense, I’m being rebellious here to prove the point.

Stage 3 – Giving the Right amount of fucks.  

While this stage SHOULD BE the obvious choice, it’s also the stage that is most rarely reached.   It’s where you can make a proper judgement in a case-by-case basis if you should give a fuck, or not give a fuck.    I guess that less than 1% of society operates here.  the-less-you-give-a-fuck-282x300 The 4 Stages of Giving a Fuck  This is like understanding how to properly cook an egg, and make it delicious. This really should be the goal every time because, if you’re going to do something, why not do it with some effort?  I would stay at this stage, you also are not emotionally attached to the outcome.

So in review, you decide to give or not give a fuck, take a related action, and then do not actually give a fuck about the outcome.  What is done, is done.   This is where you find the balancing between caring, not caring, giving a fuck, and giving too many fucks.    Again, while ideal, it’s also sadly not a common stage to be reached.

Sooooo which stage are you at?  Stage 0, 1, 2, or 3?

Or are you a majestic Unicorn and give a different amount of fucks?

AND Is there a Stage 4?

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