If you’re an Entrepreneur, then odds are you have to be closing sales in order to keep your business running forward.

If you’re a rookie when it comes to sales, or just looking to refresh your already existing sales skills, I suggest picking up The Sales Bible.


Because I’ve read it and can recommend that every page in that book is worth its weight in gold.

7 Reasons why you’re not making sales:

1.  You’re spinning your wheels, and you’re not actually spending any time speaking to people directly.

iphone4-300x213 7 Reasons why you’re not making sales

Pick up the phone, call people on skype, do whatever it takes to have a voice to voice connection with someone.   People will buy from you when they trust you.

Want to duplicate the process?   Film some videos.  This is easier then it looks.

For example, the iphone 4 lets you make calls AND vlog too! Just don’t drop it!

2.   You’re telling the customer everything too soon.

Look you don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date.   Don’t try to sell on the first date either.   Yes you may have exceptions to this rule (such as a one call close) and you should consider those sales a hole in one.   Think about it, who do you buy from more –  telemarketers? Or someone who actually connects with you and solves a problem?  The answer is obvious; the person who solves your problem.

3. You don’t have a gateway set up for someone to create trust with you before buying the product.

Duh… start blogging.  Want to know how I know this works… you’re on my blog right now – aren’t you.  Just watch our training WordPress Bootcamp 2011 to see how this is done quickly and easily.

4.  You’re not asking for the sale.

Believe it or not… at some point you’re going to have to ask for the sale.  Not just tell people to go to the sales page.  But to literally tell your customer to go to the sales page / check out / buy now button and hit it, and then enter in their payment information… iphone4-300x213 7 Reasons why you’re not making salesMake it very  clear to your customer on how they actually purchase your product or service.

The stores do it with signs pointing to their checkouts… why can’t you?

5. You don’t follow up.iphone4-300x213 7 Reasons why you’re not making sales

“If you don’t follow through, you’re basically putting forth 70% effort or less.”

Why is “follow through” necessary when swinging a bat or golf club?

“A proper swing should be one, long arc. Focusing on the “follow through” ensures that your mechanics are correct from the beginning of the swing.”

6.   You don’t own, never tried, or don’t know the details of what you’re selling.

“You Can’t Sell from an Empty Wagon, unless you’re selling wagons.”   (Seriously who buys wagons these days??)iphone4-300x213 7 Reasons why you’re not making sales

This has to be the most frustrating thing I see in sales.  People who sound like idiots trying to sell something they don’t use, and then they complain that no one buys from them.  Use the product if you want to make sales with it!

If you can’t afford the cost of your product, how do you expect to convince someone else to buy it?!

7.  You lack self confidence.

This is an easy one to solve.  Choose to be confident.   Stop listening to your ego when it tells you you’re a failure.   Trust your gut, get shit done.   Remember this:

All truth goes through three stages:

  • First it is ridiculed
  • Then it is violently opposed
  • Finally it is widely accepted as self evident

Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

If you’re being ridiculed or violently opposed right now, and you’re confident in what you’re doing, then you’re on your way to being widely accepted as a genius entrepreneur in your niche.  Just keep hacking at it.  Find people who believe you right now and want to do business with you.

What your tips for making more sales?!  Leave a comment below:

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