*T&C is a 3 Day Live Event / Seminar for approx. 3,000 business owners who get (Traffic) their customers (Conversions) through the internet. Imagine a comic-con for online business owners.
1. It sold out too fast – Everyone in this industry knows this is the event to learn about what’s working now in the land of Internet Money Making Awesomeness and bought their tickets in October. Heck, the good hotels were sold out early too.
2. I was (and still am) way focused on already existing profitable projects & ventures and didn’t want to be distracted by a 72 hour San Diego Bender. (Sunshine, Booze, MMJ, Fish Tacos, etc.)
3. I’m a pretty shitty note taker, and I have bad handwriting, So even if I did attend, I would probably attend and retain 1% of everything I learned and never read my notes again. So yes, I did miss out on the networking, which I’m sure was awesome.
I’m not going to miss out on learning from T&C because I bought this guy Tim Castleman’s “Cliff Notes” of the event. I bought his notes last year, and there’s enough content to last all year long. By reading sections you require more helpful advice in, you’ll easily improve in various areas of your business.
Instead of being a greedy bastard and keeping all this information to myself, here’s a link to buy the same notes I got – http://the247entrepreneur.com/tc2016notes
Think of it this way, 3,000+ people paid $2,000 for an event ticket $1,000, or more for airfare and hotel, probably $1,000 more on food and drink, and had to pull themselves away from their business for 3 Days or more, this event cost $4,000 or more to attend! Plus, since there was multiple sessions going on in multiple rooms during the event, the attendees probably bought the recordings and the notes too!
Comparatively, buying these notes only cost you a small fraction of what everyone else paid to attend.
Plus have you considered what it costs to not learn the most up to date sales, marketing, and business strategies?
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