If you want to make money with a blog and build presence you’re going to want to own a url and host your blog on a private domain

Free (BlogSpot / Blogger / WordPress) Blogs VS WordPress Blogs hosted on a private domain:

Blogger is nearly free, doesnt allow you to monetize “make money” off of it and does not get indexed on google the way wordpress does via SEO. SEO is search engine optimization, its what gets your blog listed in google searches.

BlogSpot / Blogger is a very popular Free Blogging service. Unfortunately, many people join them without doing research. After a while they realize:

Credibility: According to several Internet studies, businesses that use Blogspot are simply not taken seriously. Because hosting and domains are so inexpensive, Consumers question why a reputable, successful business would use a free blogging service. The truth is – real businesses don’t use BlogSpot. And your business can be as simple as selling via affiliate links on your blog’s side bar.

Hard to RememberNo matter what your purpose – business or personal – a BlogSpot address is cumbersome to share with new contacts, and twice as hard for them to remember. In addition, many corporate networks now ban Blogspot sites, as many of them contain inappropriate content or are simply “Splogs” (Spam Blogs.)

Difficult to Find: Despite being owned by Google – Blogspot sites are not featured in Google searches as prominently as real websites or Blogs. This is because BlogSpot sites are indexed less frequently by the search engine spiders. Why? Google ranks sites on many factors, but “authority” is a major one – and having a BlogSpot domain is the opposite of authority. Think about it this way – if Google wanted a true real estate expert, would they index RealEstateExpert.com or Real-Estate-Expert.BlogSpot.com?

BlogSpot is like Renting: No matter what you do to improve your BlogSpot site you still don’t own it. Would you invest time or money into painting or re-carpeting an apartment? BlogSpot can shut down your site for any reason, at any time. They have total control, and reap any long term benefits of your hard work. You can’t sell it and you can’t move it.
So why invest time and money into bringing traffic and long term visitors to someone else’s site?

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