This is a short post, but with a lot of information.

I just watched this video online and felt motivated to share it.

This is the complete WordPress SEO presentation of Matt Cutts from WordCamp San Francisco on May 30th 2009.

Matt Cutts works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.  Matt Cutts praised WordPress for being the best choice, and his preferred blogging platform. (See Matt’s WordPress blog here) This blog you’re reading right now is built on WordPress too!

According to Matt, WordPress automatically solves a ton of the SEO issues online-marketers might have. The WordPress software, makes your site easily crawlable by search engines, takes care of nearly all of the of mechanics of SEO (80-90%) and is the first big step anyone can take towards creating a popular online business.  He even gave advice on how to find what you should blog about.

In a future post I will explain how to take your online blog and use it as the top part of your sales funnel.  If you’re serious about running an online business in 2010, you must watch this video; Its approximately 45 minutes long, so find a quiet place, grab your favorite drink and enjoy.

Not only do I hope this video was educational to you, I wanted to show you exactly how much research I put into my business in order to have it producing the maximum results.  If you want to be a successful home business owner, I suggest you do the same, shut off your TV, and educate yourself.

If you don’t already have a blog on a private domain name, I recommend getting hosted today using HostGator, these are the professionals who set up my blog, in December 2010. I’ve stayed with them every since.  Right now they have a special deal with HostGator where you can get your hosting for a PENNY. Use the coupon code “WhyWordPress” at checkout.


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