First of all, I’m sorry for not updating my personal blog for the entire summer!

Don’t worry, I’ll be showing the 24/7 Entrepreneur site some more love in the coming weeks.

The reason for not focusing on this blog recently is because I’ve been working on more of a group project lately.

If you have not seen it before; I’ve been developing a site called, “Building a Brand Online” As the name implies, its a site for everything about Building Your Brand or Business Online. We even have a group coaching program where we allow others to see us create the site from behind the scenes. It’s a very exciting project and I have recently been committing my time to developing and building that site. However, I can’t just let this site turn into a Ghost Town.

Onto the new content. Experts vs. Marketers. Who’s going to succeed the most?

I found this article super interesting to work on, mainly because I see several people on a daily basis online being an expert, and actually forgetting about the art of marketing. The purpose of this article is to help others make this shift from Experts to Marketers.

Qualities of an “Expert:”

professor-jones1-197x300 Experts vs. Marketers:  Who will succeed more?

  • They believe their knowledge or their content is the value, people should hunt them down and pay them money for their content.
  • Have a sense of entitlement.
  • “I’ve earned my knowledge, and you should respect me because of it.”
  • They’re attached to their knowledge and feel like they should be paid money to share it.
  • Experts feel like you should pay them something because they know something
  • Experts focus on the topic at hand
  • Experts can’t figure out why they’re not making money
  • Experts see only their point of view
  • Think they should outsource marketing
  • They “choose a niche to go after” based on who they think they can teach.
  • Always expect people to buy. “People should be paying me.” They hold out their best ideas.
  • Believe its obvious that what they teach has value, and expect people to automatically pay them.
  • Example: The experts will teach you “how to have a good dog.”

Qualities of a “Marketer.”

professor-jones1-197x300 Experts vs. Marketers:  Who will succeed more?

  • “The value is in the perception of the customer.” What the customer thinks of the product.
  • The Marketers believe you don’t want to pay them money, but they can design a system that will give you a sense of value in order to generate a sale
  • Marketers are not emotionally attached to their idea, and will abandon the idea if it doesn’t result in sales.
  • Marketers focus on the individual.
  • The marketers see their customers point of view. What does the customer need?
  • Thinks in needs and niches
  • Starts on pain, pain motivates action.
  • They find an unmet need of other people in the world, and creates a product to fill that need.
  • Will research what their clients are looking for.
  • Never expect to buy, “Its probably not going to work.” They expect to test it, until they find out what works.
  • They have no attachment to what works
  • Will lead with value. Giving away their best stuff first, in exchange for future sales.
  • Will prove and explain why their product has value.
  • Will learn what a customers biggest fear is.. and then SOLVE that problem.
  • example: The marketer will teach you “how to stop your dog from barking and growling.”
  • Marketers are the ones making Real money

How to shift from an Expert Mindset to a Marketing Mindset:

#1 Mentally let go of old self image. Let go of past success. Evolve past those attachments

#2 Give away your best stuff for free. Experience the freedom. The value is not in the ideas themselves, the value is in your ability to communicate the ideas to where it is valuable. Build the muscle of communicating in a way where its communicating to others.

#3 Make the commitment to become a powerful marketer. Get into their eyes. Give them the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel, put it in their words.

#4 Care. Care enough to respond to comments, emails, conversations, calls, questions etc. When people feel that you care, they will establish more trust with you.

Steve Jobs answer to Eben Pagan question. “What is your #1 tip to building your wealth?” – “Care.”

Thank You’s:

I could not have created this blog post without the help of several other Marketers.

Thank you #1 goes to Eben Pagan and Joe Polish. These guys are two of the best marketers in the industry, and an interview between the two of them is what actually motivated me to create this article.

You can listen to the complete 1 hour interview here:

“What Prevents Experts From Making REAL Money?”

Thank you #2 to Marcelle Allen for helping take notes from this interview in order to create this blog post.

Please, make sure you like her fan page as a thank you for her efforts. She writes some pretty awesome content too.

Thank you #3 goes to Dmitriy Kozlov.
He made the awesome Experts vs Marketers image on our home page.
This is the cool thing, he did it for free, on the spot in less then 30 minutes.
Why did he do it? Because he’s a great Marketer, Dmitriy knows that by doing this small thing to help us out, I’d share a link, and edify his business.

I’m being transparent here, you should like him for being awesome and helping us out too.

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