This blog post started 3 weeks ago when one of my friends was talking to me on gChat and told me that he just got the elusive i-Pad and that it was the single best piece of technology that he has ever bought.  I did not have an iPad, or the Cash to blow on one.

Now 3 weeks later, I wanted to try something new.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard a lot of people talking to me about ipads recently.  I was curious so for my facebook status, I asked my friends what they thought about the product.   I didn’t expect this to happen, but I created my own review, based on my personal network of the iPad.   I actually have to say it was one of the best reviews I’ve ever read, and it was free.  One person was even motivated to share a video review on her wall of the product.  It was pretty cool that within 48 hours the iPad came to life.

I saw the iPad in the store today, and I’m going to wait on buying one; I want more storage space.   You can try this technique too, want to purchase something, use your facebook wall to connect with people and learn more about something you may want.  Then decide.   I found this extremely helpful, and it also gave the idea for this blog post.  See, you can even leverage facebook to create blog posts.  Its that simple.

ipad-fb-1 Read User Generated iPad Reviews & How You Can Win a Free iPad.

I learned something new. The ipad can help people close more sales. Awesome. I’m all for that!

ipad-fb-1 Read User Generated iPad Reviews & How You Can Win a Free iPad.

And a second round of reviews came in.

ipad-fb-1 Read User Generated iPad Reviews & How You Can Win a Free iPad.

I think this site looks pretty snazy on an iPad.

My conclusion on ipads, they really are extremely cool and fun to use.  I played with one for a few minutes at best buy today.  They function very well, like a giant iphone.  I liked how it displayed my blog on it.  After checking it out, I left my blog on the screen and hopefully I’ll find a new reader who picked up the ipad after me.   That would be cool.

How would you like to win a free one?!   Yes a free ipad

So one of my High School friends, is in a trailer for a new reality tvshow regarding the development of his social media business with a few partners. In order to promote their trailer they’ve actually committed to giving away at least two free iPads for people comment on their video.   (Maybe this is why so many people are talking about iPads! in my network!)

Anyway, so by being his friend, I decided to give them a hand promoting their contest, why not?  Maybe I’ll be the one to win the free iPad. (i wasn’t a winner)

So if you want to learn more about this contest, and enter to win a free iPad, go here:

Sorry, you’re too late.  The Ipad contest ended on June 15th, 2010.

Check back again for future contests.

Want to see the youtube trailer my high school classmate is featured in??

Watch it below:

If you want to learn how you can join their team and become an affiliate, marketing their business Contact Me.

No, it doesn’t cost anything for you to market them, its not one of “those things.”
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